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Divorce attorney Georgetown

Divorce is the legal dissolution or termination of marriage, and it nearly always involves heated emotions, the legal contesting of assets and custody of children. Because divorce is an actual legal process and will often be conducted in a court of law, when going through a divorce, you should always engage the services of a specialist Divorce lawyer such as Liberman divorce attorney Georgetown.

What is divorce law!
Divorce laws are those that apply to the legal process of divorce. Typically divorce laws will cover such issues as, the legal dissolution of marriage, the division of assets and legal custody of offspring. Divorce law is complicated and nearly always contentious which is why when getting a divorce people should engage the services of a qualified divorce lawyer such as Liberman Law divorce attorney Georgetown.

When going through the divorce process in the majority of cases it will be essential to engage the services of a professional divorce lawyer such as Liberman divorce attorney Georgetown. Your divorce lawyer should be someone you feel comfortable with on a personal level, and can guide you through the divorce proceedings and protect your interests. This is especially true if the other party involved in the divorce has legal representation like Liberman divorce attorney Georgetown

What are the different types of divorce!
Uncontested divorce.
The most amicable form of divorce is what is called uncontested divorce or the friendly divorce. In an uncontested divorce both parties agree to conduct divorce proceedings outside of a court of law. This type of divorce is considered collaborative law and although it does not involve a court of law and is generally an amicable process it is still a good idea to have a divorce law specialist like Liberman divorce attorney Georgetown to represent your best interests.

A so-called friendly divorce is an attractive option for many because it generally costs less, takes less time, there are less intense emotions, and it is a procedure that offers more significant levels of privacy.

Contested divorce
A contested divorce is one where the terms and the conditions of the divorce are contested/argued in a court of law. A contested divorce will always involve specialized divorce attorneys like Liberman divorce attorney Georgetown who represent each party’s interests in court.

In a contested divorce one or both parties disagree about the terms and conditions of the divorce and it is left to a judge in a court of law to decide on the settlement. The judges’ ruling will consider the legal arguments made by divorce lawyers such as Liberman divorce attorney Georgetown representing their clients. These arguments will cover contentious areas such as property, alimony payments, support payments and custody of children and visitation rights. 

Contested divorce proceedings require both parties to be represented in a court of law by a qualified lawyer such as Liberman divorce attorney Georgetown which means that contested divorce will always be substantially more expensive and more acrimonious than uncontested divorce. It is estimated that on average a contested divorce will cost $15,000 but this cost can rise significantly if the court proceedings are prolonged. 

The no fault divorce
The concept of no-fault divorce was originally introduced into the American legal system in 1969. Under no fault divorce law one party can file for a divorce without having to prove fault. This is a less complicated divorce proceedings than others however it is still recommended than when pursuing no-fault you should utilize the services of a qualified lawyer such Liberman divorce attorney Georgetown.
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