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Divorce attorney Washington DC

It’s a sad reality but in 2020 there were 630,000 divorces in America and the estimated divorce rate for 2022 is 45%. The average length of marriage is 8.2 years and only 17% of married people consider themselves happy. The most commonly cited reason for divorce is lack of commitment and nearly 70% of divorces are initiated by women.  

Divorce is nearly always acrimonious especially since it involves emotions and the division of assets, which is why rather than handle the divorce themselves, couples will normally engage the services of a qualified divorce lawyer like S. Liberman divorce attorney Washington DC.

Divorce is also an official legal process and there are set laws governing all divorce. To navigate the murky waters of divorce and protect your legal rights, you will need a professional divorce lawyer like S. Liberman divorce attorney Washington DC.

What is divorce law!
Divorce laws are those that regulate the legal termination of a marriage.. Divorce laws are applicable to the legal process itself, how assets will be divided and the granting of custody. Because all countries have divorce laws, this means there will always be professional divorce lawyers like S. Liberman Law divorce attorney Washington DC

Divorce is a complicated and contentious process because there are always emotional and financial issues involved. It is because of the contentiousness of divorce, that people will often use a qualified divorce lawyer such as S. Liberman Law divorce attorney Washington DC to look after their interests.

What does a divorce lawyer do?
The job of a divorce lawyer is to protect the rights of their client during divorce proceedings. A divorce lawyer will analyze the circumstances of their clients divorce case, advise their client of their legal options, draw up the necessary paper work and some lawyers like S. Liberman Law divorce attorney Washington DC will represent their client in court if required.

The duties of a divorce attorney will involve reviewing all documents that are relevant to the divorce. Typically, this will include reviewing documents like paycheck stubs, property ownership papers and tax returns. A good divorce lawyer like S. Liberman Law divorce attorney Washington DC will listen carefully to their client’s version of events leading to the divorce and define their client’s objectives.

Only a very small percentage of cases go to trial and it is estimated that up to 98% of divorce cases are settled before trial. However, even for a divorce case that is settled outside of court there is lengthy preparation that is conducted by divorce lawyers such as S. Liberman Law divorce attorney Washington DC.

When a divorce case goes to trial a divorce attorney will be involved in representing their client in court. This representation will involve extensive preparation of legal documents, calling on witnesses, and presenting opening and closing legal argument before a judge.

Divorce lawyers like S. Liberman Law divorce attorney Washington DC will draft the necessary documentation such as the marital settlement agreement that sets out the terms and conditions of the divorce as they apply to such areas as custody, taxes, alimony and the division of assets.

There are two other alternatives to going to trial and these are divorce mediation and divorce arbitration. Mediation will involve divorce attorneys like S. Liberman Law divorce attorney Washington DC arguing their client’s case before a neutral mediator who then helps the divorcing couple to agree on a resolution, whereas arbitration will involve both parties presenting their case before an arbitrator who will make a legally binding decision concerning the divorce.
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