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Probate Attorney Washington DC

When a person dies it is a time of sadness and grief for loved ones and friends, and if the deceased has a legal will, it is also a time of legal proceedings. The legal proceedings involve a wide range of factors including probate, which will involve probate attorneys like S. Liberman probate attorney Washington DC. 

Probate is a judicial process the purpose of which is to legally validate the contents of a deceased persons will. Probate establishes the legal validity of a will and states that the contents of the will are accurate and a true recording of the deceased’s final wishes. Probate is proved in a court of law so probate cases will need a qualified lawyer who is experienced in dealing with probate such as, S. Liberman probate attorney Washington DC. 

Sometimes the deceased does not leave a legal will, and when this happens the estate is intestate. When an estate is intestate it is still subject to probate which means the distribution of assets included in the estate will be decided by the laws of intestacy in the state where the deceased was residing at the time of death. An intestate estate will be decided in a court of law and will involve legal representatives such as S. Liberman probate attorney Washington DC.

Probate is the first step in administering the estate of a deceased person. The probate proceedings will legally resolve all claims on the estate and administer the distribution of the estate’s assets. A probate court will also legally appoint an estates’ named executor which on many occasions will be a qualified probate lawyer like S. Liberman probate attorney Washington DC.

What Is a Probate Lawyer?
A probate lawyer is one that specializes in the interpretation and presentation of probate laws as they apply in a particular state. Generally, a probate lawyer will be retained to help an unqualified executor administer a deceased persons estate.

A probate lawyer like S. Liberman probate attorney Washington DC will help administer the estate in such areas as paying any outstanding debts and the distribution of assets.  

What's the Difference Between a Probate and Estate Planning Lawyer?
Probate lawyers and estate planning attorneys practice in the same area of law, however, there is one significant difference. A probate lawyer will help with the administration of an estate after a person has died, and a probate lawyer like S. Liberman probate attorney Washington DC can also act as the executor if one has not been appointed already.  

An estate planning attorney will be retained by living clients and they will typically be involved in duties like drafting wills, administering living trusts, inheritance taxes, and powers of attorney. A probate lawyer like S. Liberman probate attorney Washington can also perform the duties of an estate planning lawyer.

What Is the Role of a Probate Lawyer?
A probate lawyer like S. Liberman probate attorney Washington DC may be retained to provide legal advice, or they may be retained to perform specific tasks such as:  

  • Administration of the deceased estate when the designated administrator resides out of state.
  • Find, categorize and secure inventory/assets such as bank accounts, personal possessions, motor vehicles, jewelry, and real estate.
  • Manage life insurance policies and the estates checkbook.
  • A probate lawyer like S. Liberman probate attorney Washington DC secures appraisals for the decedent's assets, and administers debts and taxes.
  • Construct and file relevant documents for presentation in the probate court.
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