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Wills Attorney Washington DC

Part of making plans for after we die is to draft a Will and Testament. A Will is a legal declaration of a persons wishes regarding the posthumous distribution of his or her assets.  A legal Will, also known as a testament, can be drawn up by an individual but mostly people engage the services of a qualified attorney like S. Liberman wills attorney Washington DC.

What is a will attorney!
A will attorney is a qualified attorney that specializes in the drawing up of a clients’ legal will. In consultation with the will maker, an attorney like S. Liberman wills attorney Washington DC writes the will so that it defines how the client’s assets are posthumously distributed and who they are distributed to. These assets may include the deceased persons belongings, financial assets, property and non-tangible assets.

It is also important that the will is written clearly and unambiguously, and this is another reason to utilize the services of a qualified will lawyer such as S. Liberman wills attorney Washington DC. The will must include explicit instructions in regards to who shall receive particular assets, define how the transfer of assets will be made, and nominate a guardian for offspring where applicable.

A will must be clear in its directions so as to avoid discrepancies and disputes among the beneficiaries. This is another important reason people will use a professional legal attorney such as, S. Liberman wills attorney Washington DC.

What to include in a will!
There is a wide variety of factors that should be included in a legal will, some of which are straightforward and easy to understand and others that are complicated and need require the guidance of a qualified lawyer such as S. Liberman wills attorney Washington DC.

The first essential thing a will must do is name an executor. The executor is the person who administers the will. Firstly, the executor will make sure that all debts and taxes are paid and secondly, the executor will then distribute the remainder to the receivers named in the will. The executor will often be an appointed lawyer like S. Liberman Law wills attorney Washington DC.

A second inclusion in any legal will is the names of the beneficiaries. A legal will clearly state who the beneficiaries are, what benefits they shall receive, and when they will receive it.

Many legal wills include provisions for children and a lawyer like S. Liberman wills attorney Washington DC draws up the will so that it clearly identifies the children and states who shall become their legal guardian.

The different types of wills.
There are four main different types of legal wills. These are as follows

A simple will. A simple will addresses such areas as who shall be the beneficiaries and receive your assets, and the naming of a guardian for any minor children. It is possible to construct your own will but even if a simple will it is advised you err on the side of caution and draw up your will together with a legal representative such as S. Liberman wills attorney Washington DC

Other types of wills include testamentary, trust, joint and living wills. All of these types of will can be complicated to draw up, especially the trust will. The trust will place’s designated assets into a trust and appoints a trustee to handle the trust. Trust wills can be complicated and to make sure they are legally binding people will utilize the services of a professional lawyer like S. Liberman wills attorney Washington DC to advise them.
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